Super Bowl Autographed Memorabilia Popular with Collectors

Other sports use a series of games to determine a winner but the NFL has always been a winner-take-all affair. The first one felt more like an exhibition but today, collecting Super Bowl autographed memorabilia is a sport in and of itself.  Whether collecting signed items related to championship teams, Super Bowl MVPs or Hall of Famers who participated, the game’s history, while well established, still makes it possible to find something related to each one.  Those who compete on the biggest stage in American sports became household names, often overnight.

There are many, many different types of Super Bowl memorabilia to collect.  From ticket stubs and programs to rare game-used memorabilia, much of it is pricey, especially from the early days.  However, you have to keep in mind that many of the players who starred in the game are among the most famous athletes on the continent.  Super Bowl memorabilia auctions on eBay as well as the annual event held live the day before the game by Hunt Auctions typically attract a lot of bidders.

Signed Joe Montana footballSome players have been relatively accessible or at least done enough autograph appearances over the years that their signatures can be obtained for a small expense or a promoter’s fee.  Three-time Super Bowl MVP Joe Montana has been a regular autograph guest at major sports card shows, with his signature usually available for around $200-300, sometimes less depending on the item.  Other Super Bowl MVPs or standouts have been more reclusive, reluctant to do shows  or seldom been available to the public.

Helmet Super Bowl MVP autographsSuper Bowl MVPs are highly sought after, so memorabilia that includes most or all of them is not cheap. A helmet signed by 41 of them can be had for around $12,000.  Steep, but as time marches on, trying to collect items with every Super  Bowl MVP on them will be impossible if you didn’t get an early start.

You could also try to collect Super Bowl MVP autographs on game programs like this California dealer, who went to great lengths to track a few of them down.

Although it may be hard to find a football or helmet signed by every Super Bowl winning quarterback, it is easy to find items signed by a number of them.

Signed Bart Starr football

In the first Super Bowl, Bart Starr led the Green Bay Packers to a 34-27 victory, after years of winning NFL championships. A signed football from that team does not run cheap.One signed by most of the team, including legendary head coach Vince Lombardi and much of the team is available via Heritage Auctions.  The MVP from the first two Super Bowls, Packers' quarterback Bart Starr, has signed a number of balls with an inscription related to his performances and they are available for around $500-600.  The quality of his autograph has always been among the best, as careful and meticulous as he was under center.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have enjoyed tremendous Super Bowl success and are very popular.  Signed memorabilia from their 1970s starting quarterback Terry Bradshaw is fairly abundant but Bradshaw is one of those guys who doesn't do a lot of public signings.   You can also find Steel Curtain autographed items, signed by members of the famous front line.

The Dallas Cowboys have an impressive Super Bowl history too.  One of the coolest pieces is a 20x24 piece with autographs from every Cowboys player named a Super Bowl MVP, starting with Roger Staubach.

Super Bowl team signed items are always popular, especially when it comes to championship winning clubs in any sport for that matter. Since football teams have rather large rosters, the signatures need to be on a larger item which is why team signed footballs and helmets have become popular. Many players on those early Super Bowl winners have passed on, so keeping an eye on auctions for team signed footballs or other items is important.  Here are a few signed helmets related to Super Bowl teams and here's an impressive list of Super Bowl team-autographed programs, balls and other items from various seasons.

In more recent times, the New England Patriots have been the team to beat, participating in six Super Bowls during the current millenium. Back in 2001, first year starting quarterback Tom Brady led the team to a Super Bowl victory in a major upset win over the St. Louis Rams. Brady and other Patriots signed Super Bowl memorabilia isn't plentiful, but it's out there.

The first AFL quarterback to win a Super Bowl, Joe Namath autographs are highly coveted to this day. Namath does fewer public autograph sessions now, but has signed numerous times for various autograph companies and trading card manufacturers.  Demand is strong, but signed Namath items aren’t out of reach as a quick check of eBay reveals.

Other Super Bowl autographed memorabilia from  stars and MVPs is much cheaper, depending on the item and the player because it isn't always the Hall of Famers who wind up on the big stage in the biggest game of all.