Finding the Right Signed Basketball Display Cases

When fans do obtain premium autographs, they need a way to proudly show them off. While lesser signatures can sit in binders or stored away in the attic, collectors need to find a way to show off the best of the best of their collection. Simple items such as trading cards can be shown off with a plaque while photographs can be framed but for a larger item such as a basketball, it needs a display case of its own.

Perhaps the simplest signed basketball case is the Ultra Pro Basketball Square. Essentially, it is a clear, plastic signed basketball stand in which the ball fits comfortably and can be displayed almost anywhere. If the surface is flat, this display works and it is available on Amazon for just $25.

A step up from there would be the same type of a case by the same company, only it has UV protection. If your display is located in a room where light comes in, then investing the extra five bucks is definitely worth it.  Remember, though, never to store your memorabilia--whether autographs, photographs or cards--in direct sunlight, even for a short time.

Although the design might not be to hold signed basketballs, the Basketball Ball Claw Wall Display Holder is a popular selling product on eBay and presents a cheap option for displaying signed basketballs on a wall. Priced similarly to the basketball square, it comes down to preference between the two products but since there is no glass, there is no protection from the outside elements.

Basketball display case Boston CelticsSimilar to the basketball claw but actually meant for displaying autographed basketballs might just be the most affordable option out there— the BCW Acrylic Display Stand. This display allows collectors to simply plop their ball on a stand, where it will stay. No it does not offer protection from the elements, but for under $10 shipped, it is a deal that cannot be beat.

In terms of premium display options, look no further than Fanatics who sells nearly every single piece of sports memorabilia imaginable. Their autographed basketball stands might be a little bit pricey, but they offer some of the best  on the market. Offering mountable acrylic cases with NBA and college basketball teams logos printed on the outside backed by wood, they have just about every team imaginable. While $120 is not exactly cheap, it is the best display imaginable for that high-end team signed ball.

For those who want to spend money on an autographed basketball display case but do not need it on a wall, Fanatics does have a similar case with a mirror as the back panel that is significantly less. If collectors want one that cannot be hung on the wall, it will run them $90 which of course is $30 less and significant savings over the prior choice.