Best Cases for Autographed Hockey Pucks

Hockey pucks are on the smaller side compared to photos and helmets, so finding an ideal way to show them off will help improve the look of your fan cave.  Getting hockey pucks signed in either gold or silver sharpie is common practice by most collectors as it allows the metallic ink to contrast the black, rubber surface but the right color ink is just the start. Keeping that Bobby Orr or Wayne Gretzky signed puck safe while boasting it as the centerpiece of a collection is important, and can be done with the right cases for autographed hockey pucks.

Rounded and flat, pucks do not take up much space so storing them is rather simple and keeping them safe is rather inexpensive. A basic square case made of plastic will protect the puck from scuffs and scratches as well as dust—getting the job done for common signatures or if you’re on a budget. This display may not be the flashiest, but  a simple two-piece acrylic holder Hockey puck casethat will do the job can be found for just a few dollars each. Those are great for stacking if you have quite a few pucks or want to sell them to the public while offering some protection.

A slight step up from there on the same site is a puck-shaped plastic display with a wooden pedestal to raise it up a little bit. This one is more appealing to the eye and might be worth that couple of extra dollars at $9.99 with free shipping.  BCW also makes multi-puck cases including the Deluxe Triple Hockey Puck Display Case.

Wooden base hockey puck caeFor those with a larger collection looking to get many signed pucks framed, there are options for that as well, including some wall mounted cases with a glass door.  There are a few different types and sizes available, from nice cases for single pucks to larger display options for big collections.

A couple of steps up from the simple plastic case, Steiner Sports and Amazon offer a bit more style and protection with a nice case with a wooden base for under $25 . In this display, the puck itself sits comfortably on a stand that would also work well with a baseball or tennis ball. For a higher-end Autographed puck-photo casecollection, this might just be the way to go since the case itself will not break the bank— at about $20.

There aren't any pictures on pucks, but Perfect Cases also offers an option for showcasing your autographed hockey puck and 8 x 10 picture in one wall mountable display frame/ case.

You can also display two items in one display that sits on a shelf with the hockey puck and trading card holder.  Priced under $12 with free shipping, it's a great way to add some color and life to a special puck.

With rare exception, you'll find cases for autographed hockey pucks are reasonably priced and certainly worth the small cost to protect a collection from wear and handling.  Be sure to keep your puck collection out of direct sunlight and you'll enjoy it for years.  If you do decide to sell, having memorabilia in a case makes it easier when the time comes and the buyer will know you've cared for it.